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Information about becoming a volunteer

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Information about becoming a volunteer
When becoming a volunteer, there are several things to keep in mind, ranging from why you want to volunteer to how expenses are covered.
Why you want to volunteer?  
There are several reasons to give your time to support our work:
  Utilse your passion and skills to develop the work that we do
  Help improve the lives of people in your area
  Give something back to the community
  Meet new people and discover new opportunities
  Work as a team and make new friends
  Improve your skills when undertaking a variety of tasks
  Gain confidence and help improve self esteem
  Doing something different!
How much time is required?  
Time commitments vary dependant on which project you wish to give your time to. The amount of time you give is usually flexible and can be agreed with your volunteering line manager. To get the most out of volunteering with us we recommend that you volunteer at least two times per week.

However, we may not always be able to support your request. All we ask is that volunteers are reliable and that they contact their manager with plenty of notice if they are unable to make the agreed time.
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As a volunteer, you shouldn't be out of pocket. We therefore have a policy of paying expenses to all volunteers. Your volunteering line manager will explain the full process to you.
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We will provide you with a full induction, any other training relevant to your role and not forgeting the continual support of our team throughout your time with us. Due to the nature of our work we do ask most of our volunteers to complete a safeguarding course.
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A DBS or police check
All volunteers will be required to have a police check in the form of a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check » (previously CRB check). You will be informed of this before you begin volunteering with us and the team will support you to get this done.

We cannot accept a DBS check from another organisation and will be required to complete our own. A previous conviction will not necessarily prohibit someone from volunteering with us. We will consider the nature and time of the offence and make a decision about the individual's suitability for the role.
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Volunteering while claiming benefits
You can volunteer if you are claiming benefits, but should inform your jobcentre of any volunteering you are doing. There shouldn't be any restrictions on the amount and type of volunteering, as long as you continue to meet the conditions of receiving the benefit.
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Ending your role as a volunteer
We understand that your circumstances may change and you may no longer be able to volunteer. All we ask is that you make your volunteering line manager aware. Together, you and your manager may be able to find you an alternative arrangement to suit you, or they can ensure that our systems are updated to show that you are no longer volunteering.
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Page last updated: July 2013