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Health and Social Care Advocacy

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Health and Social Care Advocacy
Are you or a loved one not being listened to by a social worker, care provider or carer? Feel you can't talk to your doctor or dentist? If so our team of experienced advocates will listen to you and make sure your voice is heard.
What do we do?
  The service operates across the Blackpool area and provides free, independent, confidential support to adults who are vulnerable or disadvantaged and where the person feels they need advocacy support to resolve their health and social care issues. Advocacy is a way of supporting people to enable them to have their voice heard and their views and wishes made known to others. Advocates work with you to ensure you are treated fairly and have your rights upheld and respected in regards to your health (including mental health) and social care needs in areas such as...
  Accessing social services and getting a social worker.
  Making changes to your health and social care services because you are unhappy.
  Helping you through Community Care Assessments.
  Preparing for and attending medical appointments.
  Helping you talk to professionals regarding health and social care needs.
  Support you to get your views heard with the Community Mental Health Team.
  Attend meetings regarding your health and social care and putting across your views.
  Support you during a Care Programme Approach (CPA) meeting (not including people who have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act).
  Discussing your options on discharge from hospital.
  Making a formal complaint regarding a medical or social care professional.
  Areas we cannot provide advocacy support for...
Our health and social care advocacy service cannot help with the follow issues;
  Filling out forms or giving advice on applying for any type of benefit e.g. Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Universal Credit, Retirement Pensions, Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit.
  Disputes with benefits you receive e.g. Attending and providing support for benefit tribunals and appeals.
  Any housing issues you have e.g. Applying for council and social housing, applying to join the housing register, contacting housing associations and filling out forms, disputes with landlords, issues with your tenancy, repairs and alterations to your home, rental disputes, applying for sheltered accommodation.
  Any employment issues you have e.g. Workplace disputes, employment tribunals, workplace discrimination, holiday pay, long term sickness, issues with maternity/paternity leave, redundancy issues, contract disputes.
  Financial problems e.g. Debt problems, tax arrears, bankruptcy.
  Private legal disputes e.g. Court proceedings, divorce proceedings, disputes with neighbours, disputes with family members, wills, probate and inheritance, power of attorney.
An advocate will ensure that...
  Your voice and views are heard.
  You know what your options are and support you to make decisions and act on information and advice.
  You are receiving fair and equal treatment.
An advocate is not...
  A legal expert.
  An advice giver, but can seek out appropriate advice and professional knowledge on your behalf and with you.
  There to judge you or any situation you might be in.
Who can access the service?
The service is available to Blackpool residents aged 18 and over who feel they need help with any matters concerning their health (including mental health) and social care needs.

Please note: If you are a parent (or you are referring a parent) whose child is subject to a child protection plan or care proceedings you can only access our advocacy support if you (the parent) have a social worker for a dignosed learning disability or care co-ordinator through mental health services.

If you require further information regarding our service or are unsure if you can make a referral we are happy to help. To speak to a member of the advocacy team please call 0300 323 2100 - select option 2 (local rate call).
How do I make a referral to the service?
You can make a referral in two easy ways...
  Email - Download and complete our referral form and email it back to admin@empowermentcharity.org.uk

  Telephone - Simply call 0300 323 2100 - select option 1 (local rate call) and ask to make a referral to our Health and Social Care Advocacy service.
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This service is funded by Blackpool Council
Page last updated: May 2014