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DEN 1-to-1-support

...a chance for the you to talk about your experiences in a safe environment using age appropriate resources, language and a flexible approach to meet each person's individual needs.

DEN individual-group-sessions
...around topics such as safety planning, confidence and self esteem building, safe and unsafe relationships, and domestic abuse. This can be delivered in a range of settings such as schools, children's centres, community centres, and is tailored towards the age of the individual or group.
DEN peer-support
...an opportunity to meet other young people who have had similar experiences, gain support from each other and reduce the feeling of isolation.
DEN children-under-5
...the service supports the non-abusing parent in re-learning how to interact with their child/ren. This is aimed at rebuilding their relationships and establishing a positive parental role model.
DEN drop-in
...at a number of local high schools, to make our service easily accessible, to as many young people as possible.
DEN youth-forum
...an opportunity for the children/young people to have their say on the issues and decisions which affect them. This is also an opportunity to meet new people and take part in activities and develop their social skills.